Best of 2017, (a few minutes late)

I’m supposed to say it, “What a year it’s been!”  We’re all supposed to say it, I guess, but I don’t really want to say it. I mean it’s true,  I admit it. I began the year  half-way through a year off of any serious relationships. And then Trump was elected. I don’t intend to rant political. I have strong opinions and can tolerate other strong opinions, but the election of Donald Trump felt like entering a lost episode of the Twilight Zone. (Similar to the image below, which actually makes more sense to me and was far more entertaining to be a part of.) 


Then, in late July, a month after my year of magical bachelordome, I met the woman I would ask to marry me.


If you would have asked me a year ago what my life would look like by the end of 2017, none of what happened this year would have ever crossed my mind. 


2017 was filled with epic proportions, and in the middle of them all, there was the business. Two years running, I’m still trying to make something out of this little business and I’m loving every minute of it. From epic celebration in the pouring rain, to the elegance of form in a dancer’s motion, one life moment to the next, 2017 you’ve been like no other.