Date Nights with Roo


My soon to be wife, Erica, aka Roo, is also a photographer, and so you could expect that our date nights involve a lot of creeping and shooting, like this one! We traversed across the valley to the campus of CSUN to see what trouble we could find.  In between kisses we even took some photos. This weekend we head to Tulsa, OK to shoot a wedding and some adventure portraits. From there we head to Switzerland for our own elopement! That's right, we are eloping as dirtbag travelers in a beautiful country.  Inspired by beauty and gratitude, we'll take our vows on Thanksgiving day nestled among majestic mountains and luminous landscapes of all things Swiss.  It has been such a deep blessing of abundance in our life to find each other. From where we have been, to where we want to go, ours is a journey of "leaning in" to our values, abundance, gratitude and grace.