1/365 Shutter Release

I'm by designation a professional photographer. This has been a diagnosis I have struggled with for three years.  The moniker of professional photographer fits, although I am uncomfortable with it. My discomfort is that it's not a designation I either need or desire.  I am a photographer, one whose subsistence depends upon the income I make.  I work on my business everyday and it is not only personally meaningful to me, but it is also crucial to the day to day support of my wife, my kids, and my lifestyle. I have decided, for my own curiosity, and the curiosity of others who may find themselves in this nebulous condition of being a professional photographer, to detail what my life looks like, and how I cope amidst the hustle, the shooting, the editing, the creating, the connecting and communicating with people needing photography, and trying to stay sane through it all. I’m in love with my disease, and it consumes me. While I mostly shoot portraits and weddings, a good portion of my waking day is spent thinking in images, imagining in dreams.  Photography is a craft for me, not an art, of which I will say more in a future post; and my business uses that craft for the service of people who want high quality, creative images. So, what does a photographer's life, day in and day out, look like? What are the decisions, obstacles and projections of building a business like this? If you want to know how to become a photographer and start your own business, follow along.  While I will not have advice for, nor experience in, every situation, I am sure that I am not alone in succumbing to this disease.  

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